What is Identity and Access Management, and what does it do?


In simple terms, Identity and Access Management are a set of tools and technologies that allow an enterprise to create, maintain, and use digital identities for their workforce and customers. Identity and Access Management was born from the necessity to reduce recognized complexities surrounding identity in enterprises.

Managing identities across an organization is a complex process that involves many teams and many hours. The end result is inadequate security, audit and compliance and high management costs. When we think of security, we ten to think of risks coming from outside of the company most of the time, however, it is not always the intruders who can cause trouble.

A secure environment starts with proper identity management within the organization. Business demands data delivered fast and reliably; Security demands that data is delivered securely. IT has the duty to ensure data is delivered fast, reliable, and secure. By implementing a proper IAM process, you can satisfy both business demands and security policies.

Advantages of IAM

Increased User Productivity

New users don’t have to wait for accounts to be created manually. When the correct policies are in place, each user is identified and given access to the user groups resources.

Good user experience

IAM allows for automation of issuing and managing multi user accounts without any confusion or frustration.

Unlimited information sharing across application

IAM allows various applications to communicate and exchange information across an enterprise’s network. These include information such as files, company data, contacts, calendars, etc.

Ease of Administrative overhead

Your enterprise IT help desk doesn’t have to deal with additional basic application management functions or user account management. If a user happens to forget their password, they could reset it themselves. Free up your precious IT human resources.

Increased Security Measures

Users are automatically added to the appropriate group, and only allowed access to the resources that are relevant to the group.

Identity and Access Management Services

Identity Management (IdM)

The process or creating accounts (identities) and assign them to groups and roles.

Access Managment

AM grants authorized users access to company resources while preventing non-authorized users access to them.

Password Management

This service saves enterprises precious IT staff hours by allowing users to reset their own passwords.

Privileged User Managment

Allows for strict enforcement for administrative accounts which in most cases have full access.

Access Governance

With all the sensitive data that today’s complex enterprises host online, it’s crucial to know who is gaining access to what information.
This process ensures that users are adhering to roles and permissions assigned to the enterprise policy.

Our three step methodology on a successful IAM implementation.


  • We start by evaluating your enterprise’s needs and goals.
  • We establish a budget
  • Determine the correct IAM solution for your company


  • Installation and manage the full cycle of implementation.
  • All the technical details perfected
  • Blueprints for deployment, IAM framework, User management and governance or created.
  • Full deployment
  • Testing the environment and finalizing.
  • Documentation and hand-off

Training and Support

  • We empower your staff with the correct resources to maintain and run your newly implemented IAM solution.
  • We bring the best practices to your company and train your staff in their environment, with the knowledge they will need.
  • Integrations with in house and on the cloud systems

IAM Implementation Services

The modern computing environment has significantly changed the way most organizations do business and thereby introducing major complexities in the identification, mapping, and control of accounts and identities in an enterprise. Technological changes such as cloud computing, flexible IT policies such as Bring Your Device (BYOD) policy, and constantly changing regulatory and compliance requirements have introduced major identity and access management challenges.

Our IAM Implementation services team offers a full range of services to help you successfully design, plan, implement, maintain and manage your IAM solutions. Whether starting from scratch or picking up the process midway, our team can execute all phases of an IAM solution implementation and will help you develop an implementation roadmap, deploy new capabilities and extend existing implementations.

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